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Doc Holliday

An outlaw walking through the valley of menGlared with a sunken eye of deathMoved his head from side to side and saidCome on you gutless slugs fight like a manState your name and business, let’s see what you gotAnother body for the hangman’s countShow me the bar, and show me the cardsHold on to your

Your Truth

I cannot forceYou to tell lies,Nothing is worse,You`re the well-placed source. Your truth makes me blaze,The past`s out of haze,I run a raceOut of space I`ll try to surviveFor the rest of my life,And I will strainThe sense inside my brain. I cannot force you to tell lies,Nothing is worse,I`ll try to survive, for the

Häpeän Lyhty

P?yt? on valmis ja tunnelma senhiljalleen t?ytt?? talon l?mp?isenherkut tuoksuvat, luoksensa kutsuvat taas P?yt??n saapuvat ajallaanpaikoilleen alas istumaanmut yht? tuolia ei kukaan huolia saata Hymy? yht? on kaikkien suutpaistista j?ljell? kiilt?v?t luutvaan yht? aihetta ei kukaan mainita uskalla Eines saatu on p??t?kseenjo alkavat siirty? eteiseenjuhla vietetty, kunnia s?il?tty on Muori vanha vaan kiikustaanlapsiaan katsoo viel

Shot Down

Knocking back the poisonI’m high but alone and brokenCursed with a belly full of sorrowI’m near the endIt’s stripped me down Now alcohol’s my only friend I crossed that line and she just shot me down Lost in a bottle of sin, sowing seeds of neverSomebody show me the way before I drownMy heart keeps

Planck's Constant

f**k you, motherf**ker rusty nails rip at my hands rolling down in my bed rip apart the vision that you see with your eyes on tv red tear, into your face another dream of society’s fate oh, we’ll crawl up the corporate ladder together crushed in my only world push it over to the moon


Laiturin nokalle käy istumaan Vaik illaksi luvattu myrskyäväätaivas on kuin ei tietäisikään Rauhaisa tuuli selällä veenAamulla verkot laskettu onkohdalle talvisen avannonKengän nauhat kastuu loppukesän laineisiin Toisella rannalla kuuluu saatuna saalistaÄänet liikuta ei istujaatuulikin heiluttaa ainoastaan ‒ kaisloja Lokkien parku kaukana soiAirosta pahaksi onnekseentikku uponnut on kämmeneen Rannassa taivaan on viel selkeääPäivä edennyt pitkälle lieuutinen aamuinen

Riddle Of Steel

Hooded in the mists of time in distant lands of dust Here they live and forge the steel that carves out human lust Thulsa doom his flesh and bone control of all that’s fake Lifting head and staring eyes that guide the sinful snakes The truth that lies within the riddle of steel Where all

Sous Une Pluie D’Automne

Le jour d?cline ? l’ouestEt Mani s’?veille, parcourant les cieux Au loin mon village s’appr?te ? festoyerPour nos bonnes r?coltes, les Dieux seront honor?sUn chant glorieux, le Godi a pr?par?Pour que tous les Ases soient gagn?s de fiert? D’or et de carmin, la tunique des arbreBrille d’une noble majest? Parfum d’?corces et de feuilles endormiesVoil?

Caroline #1

Sweet Caroline, how great though art Wear my ring around your neck With a big honk of love Don’t be cruel you gotta treat me nice I just can’t help believin’ I got suspecious minds [Chorus:] Well, such a night it is You the devil in disguise Who am I it’s midnight, I’m leaving Rubberneckin

You, That May Wither

A distant cry… From what I perished for? No…. It was born… The winterburden. I bled its tears once… Oh, if only it could wither, wither in the absence of my thoughts. So I cry… I cry, not only for my spirit in its living shell. But for the ones who brought the lust through