Рубрика: Volbeat

Doc Holliday

An outlaw walking through the valley of menGlared with a sunken eye of deathMoved his head from side to side and saidCome on you gutless slugs fight like a manState your name and business, let’s see what you gotAnother body for the hangman’s countShow me the bar, and show me the cardsHold on to your

Caroline #1

Sweet Caroline, how great though art Wear my ring around your neck With a big honk of love Don’t be cruel you gotta treat me nice I just can’t help believin’ I got suspecious minds [Chorus:] Well, such a night it is You the devil in disguise Who am I it’s midnight, I’m leaving Rubberneckin

Our Loved Ones

You open up and what you gain is another holereaching out for a hand and I knowthe fear of losing all the trust that it cravesand feel that parts of you are never coming back I used to think that life was ugly and a messwell I was right but what else to do other

Something Else Or…

Never felt the hunger For one love that share one mind But with you it’s something else That keeps my spirit high Don’t we all now have This deadwish crawling in our mind Well I know I got mind Together baby we will die [Chorus:] As I see you With the time is that I

Pearl Heart

Lady Pearl in jail Lady Pearl in jailYou’ll riseLady Pearl in jail Lady Pearl in jailYou’ll fight A letter from her mother now dying in her bedGet on home quickly with the medicineNo money in her pocket no wheels to get aheadShe grabbed her colt 44 and Went along the mountain sideMama love I’m on

Black Bart

A man appeared before Wells FargoWells Fargo’s stage driver manwearing a long white linenand a dust flour sack over his head Pointed a double barreled shotgunat the driver and forced him to haltplease throw down your box sirand madame please O don’t need your money or pearls They call him Black Bart P08the highway bandit

Being 1

One word took the other And suddenly we’re stronger than we ever could imagine A bond that can go through the fire of hell Sharing one mind one heart forever I’ve been holding you for a year or 2 You’re the reason why I’m holding up And our love’s gonna last forever We’ll be dancing

Seal The Deal

Sold my soul and signed my name in bloodStole it back now praying in the darkFooled the devilBegging for a fightCount the dollars make your bet tonight Feel strong like an oiled machineAll the anger boils withinMove itGive itThe high rollers are in I get groovynow turn it on and fightSeal the deal and let’s

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Hear the lonesome whipperwill He sounds too blue to fly The midnight train is whining low I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry I never seen a night so long When times goes crawling by The moon just went behind a cloud To hide it’s face and cry Well maybe the night is cold But together

You Will Know

Walk these lonely streets without a homeDear Mary, where’s the kidsWhen did they leave?Where did they go? Feel the morning breeze, after all these yearsBeen so far away, in a prison cellI no longer wanna feel the darkness in my soul Forever, forever you will knowForever and ever, you will know Here I sit again,