High Energy Protons

Everything is going extremely well… You’re the brain and the central nervous system… High energy protons spilling over into our atmosphere…


I won’t pretend that we are all friends,When all of us know that we’re not.And I am afraid of pulling my name, Away from the places I know I’ve beenOn this slow down descent


You close your eyes and kiss your hand then you blow itBut it isn’t meant for me, and I noticeIf the choice was ours alone,Then why’d we both choose letting go?Does it end like this? Time never had a chance to heal your heartJust a number always counting down to a new startIf you always


AwakeningTo all we were and all that we’ve becomeApathyYour vain in desperationHail to the theifThe cavalcade of victims interfacedTo revere the hate, the orchestrationSay oh can you see the manipulationI have a dream of liberationGuarantees now worth the print of paper bloodstained currencyWe rape our world of patienceAwakeningWhen we begin to face all we’ve allowed


I hate youThe things you doI love youThe things you do And we’ve got things so confusedI feel neglected and abusedMan, you’ve got me so confusedCause I’m so caught up in you So I I’ve got London on my mindDid you cry another time?I’ve got London on my mindDid you look so satisfied? I hate

Cafe Koma — Das Grosse Diskoinferno

[Eva:]Du und ich nicht aus der selben Rippesoviel steht schon einmal fest [Gregorius:]Heute Nacht gibst du ihr was ihr zusteht,den Rest [Alistair:]Du und Sieihr seht euch nicht sehr ?hnlichaber mangelhaft irgendwie [Eva:]das uns das selbe Feuer innewohntdas auf dem h?chsten Throne trohnt [Alistair:]dort hinter der Kirche seh ich schonzauberhaft wie ein KometensturmLilith die sich durch

Degrading The Worthless

They are despicable to youYou’ll kill – then speak the truth When life has no worth to youYou then show them what you areDegrading Low lives – expendable weaknessThese traps to set them free When life has no worth to youYou then show them what you areDegrading The answer lies within the centre of hypocrisyIn


Why can’t I see it’s all not wrong? Why can’t you be here again? Still don’t believe I know you’re gone I miss your love I miss your love

The Judas Table

Come gather round, my accomplicesWe’ll make no sound, no false promises If time is ours to waste, then holds the cards begat by hasteWith your ghost sat by our sideWe turn to move but it’s too lateHeart to heart and face to faceAnd your cross held up so high Eat through old ignorant warsDrink through

Pants Off Dance Off

Waiting here for you, with good intentions.A date agreed to, and knew we’d never keep.Most of us are true, to one another-Loyal to the end, and it always comes toYou are not alone;We are not alone. Come on, honey, don’t be scared;Take off your jacket, hands in the air.Spin around and around and try to